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• Living out the Word of God – in Today’s World

"...whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst.
But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up in
to everlasting life.”

What is THIRSTY (John 4:14) ?

Thirsty is an opportunity to engage in Biblical Discipleship through Personal Connections with other believers, utilizing Bible Engagement Project's Digital Platform, along with other selected resources.

An encounter with Jesus over two kinds of water left the woman at the well more thirsty than she realized. Her kind could never satisfy. She was thirsty for the Living Water of Jesus, whose water would BECOME a well-spring within her. Jesus wants to give deeply of the Fountain of Living Waters today through a personal encounter with the Bible - His Word to all who are thirsty. You are invited on this journey to drink these Waters of Life freely.

THIRSTY is ...
Personal Connection


App for
iPhone, iPad, Android, PC

For Individuals
For Small Groups
For New Believers
For Long-Time Followers
For Disciplemakers
For Children
For Families

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Bible Engagement Project

App & Video Based Format

Availability & Flexibility are necessary tools in this modern age. THIRSTY utilizes the Assembly of God's Bible Engagement Project's (BEP) Digital Platform for the Teaching Module of discipleship.

THIRSTY is ...

THIRSTY is ...
Biblical Discipleship

Begin your THIRSTY Journey


I Am a New Believer

Where do I go from here? Becoming a disciple of Jesus can seem overwhelming and a bit confusing at times. We will connect you with a Discipler who will help you build a strong foundation in the Word of God and get you started! 


Take Me Deeper

Want to study the Bible in a deeper way that walks through the metanarrative of God's Redemptive Story from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22? Small Groups will meet as decided upon to learn together and talk about each Lesson.


I Will Disciple / Lead

Mature believers are commanded to become disciples who make disciples (who make disciples, etc.)

The ministry of the Body to the Body has been the model since the beginning of the Church.

You are needed!

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