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Begin your THIRSTY Journey


I Am a New Believer

Where do I go from here? Becoming a disciple of Jesus can seem overwhelming and a bit confusing at times. We will connect you with a Disciple-r who will help you build a strong foundation in the Word of God and get you started!

We will follow up with a short personal interview that will help discover your best fit! 

I am interested in being Discipled or would like more information about getting started.

Thanks for submitting!


Take Me Deeper

Want to study the Bible in a deeper way that walks through the metanarrative of God's Redemptive Story from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22? This is an opportunity for "iron to sharpen iron" as your Small Group meets to engage the texts and build life strategies of mutual discipleship, friendships, and accountability.

I am interested in Hosting or Joining a Small Discipleship Group or would like more info on getting started.

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I Will Disciple / Lead

Mature believers are commanded to become disciples who make disciples (who make disciples, etc.)

The ministry of the Body to the Body has been the model since the beginning of the Church.

We will meet with you and go over the next steps to connect you with a Disciple or a Couple.

I will Disciple a New Believer as Jesus instructed. I am willing to learn more and get started!

Thanks for submitting!

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