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Discovery Luncheons

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Discovering New Life Fellowship and Family and finding
your place with us in 3 monthly classes over a nice lunch.

Our Family

Our Fellowship

Your journey at New Life Assembly starts with your first visit. Just like our life-journey with Jesus, we grow into fellowship, community and responsibility - His Body, His people, His work.  As you move attendee, we invite you to go deeper and enter into Partnership with us. We recognize that the Church is a family with many members. The church is also a Body with many parts. And the common characteristic of both is Unity! New Life Assembly offers Discovery Luncheons several times a year. You will discover what we as a family believe and value. Through a series of 3 teachings over lunch, you will also explore your own unique, personal giftings and callings. The final step to becoming a Partner is entering into a Covenant, likened to that of marriage. It is the glue that binds us all together. You are choosing, with us to take ownership of the church and its mission through covenant relationship. Helping the Church to be what God has called us to be.

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