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Tikes Classroom


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Tikes serves children ages 3 to 6 years old. We help children learn as they are encouraged to grow with one another in their faith and understanding of Jesus through Bible stories, memory verses, crafts, games and prayer.

​All of our children's classrooms provide a safe and caring environment for children by having two workers (background checked) for each Ministry, with the children at all times, along with clean classrooms and fun & engaging class-room curriculums.

We take the security of our children very seriously.  We use the Kidcheck security check-in system for keeping track of who is in our classes, as well as making sure that only those who are on the approved list created by their guardians can take a child from our classrooms.  Please create your free personalized account on the Kidcheck app.

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Robin Keator

Lead Teacher


Samantha Luna

Assistant Teacher

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