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Nursery Room

Nursery cares for children ages 6 months to 3 years so that parents can be filled with the Word of God and feel confident knowing that their precious babies are being well taken care of in the Nursery.

​All of our children's classrooms provide a safe and caring environment for children by having two workers (background checked) for each Ministry, with the children at all times, along with clean classrooms and fun & engaging class-room curriculums.

We take the security of our children very seriously.  We use the Kidcheck security check-in system for keeping track of who is in our classes, as well as making sure that only those who are on the approved list created by their guardians can take a child from our classrooms.  Please create your free personalized account on the Kidcheck app.


Choose Newlife4Griswold as your facility when creating your account.


Dawn Bettinger

Lead Teacher

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